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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Is free?

Usually not. But due to the current crisis in Ukraine, provides free chat rooms for all German / Ukrainian speaking people.

What is special about

With InterChat, you can chat with anyone on earth in its native language by booking personal chat rooms. Interchat translates your language into each other language on the fly between all chat room members. You can communicate with your business partners, friends or relatives from overseas.

Cool. Can I meet international people here?

No! is no flirt publicly. The chat rooms used in are always private. The current tenant of the room and the group members decide themselves, who may enter the room and discuss with you.

Which languages are generally supported?

All languages supported by Google Translate and DeepL. These are currently in sum 65 languages.

In any chat room you can speak in any language?

No, the tenant of the room can decide for himself which languages are allowed in every room.

What does the full version cost?

Rooms can be booked for a day, a week, a month or a year. One single day (24 hours) starts with 2 Euro. The longer the booked period is, the cheaper it is calculated on the day.

Can I use several chat rooms at the same time?

Yes, as a customer with a full version you can open as many chat rooms as you like within your booked period.

How long is a chat room open?

You decide that yourself as soon as you are a paying tenant. Rooms can be rented for a day (24 hours), a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months or a full year.

Who determines who is allowed to enter the room?

This is determined by the tenant of the room and the invited members. The tenant of the room can assign a password to enter the room.

How can I invite my discussion partners?

The easiest way is to send the link to enter the chat rooms in an e-mail sent by You can also take a picture of a QR code from the screen and send it via WhatsApp, for example. Or you dictate the InterChat-Id of the room over the phone and your conversation partner enters it on the start page of

What happens if I enter the room too late and the others are already gone?

Anyone who enters the room, at any time, can view the complete chat history in their native language, as long as it is not locked.

Can the chat history be exported?

Yes, as a registered user you can export the chat history in all languages.

Can the room be password protected?

Yes, as a user of the full version you can also password protect your chat rooms.

Is free?

The demo version is free of charge. Extended functions are chargeable. The prices starts with 2 € for a unlimited number of chat rooms per day.

How does the demo version differ from the full version?

As a paying tenant you can use as many chat rooms as you want. As a demo customer the maximal text length for a message is limited to 500 signs, as a paying tenant it isn't. limited. Demo users can only translate 25000 signs per day, paying tenants has no limits.

Can I temporarily block a chat room?

Yes, as a registered user you can decide which chat rooms are temporarily blocked.

Is there also an app for mobile phones for

Unfortunately not yet. But you can also operate the application via the browser of your mobile phone or tablet.

How do I know who is in the room?

There is a function "Who is online?" which shows you who is still in the room.

What can I use the document for?

This document can be edited by every chat room member at the same time. Please note, however, that each member can delete the work of the other member.

How do I translate?

The system uses the best translation machines in the world, DeepL and Google Translate.

Does this mean that all personal information is transferred to Google?

For the most part, yes. However, all numbers discussed in the chat room are automatically anonymized by the system before they are transmitted to the translation service.

What payment methods are supported?

Paypal, SEPA, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Is really secure?

Like any application on the Internet, it is as secure as its users allow it to be. If you send the link to your chat room to untrusted people, your conversation is no longer secure. You can therefore assign a 4-digit password to each room. This reduces the probability of unauthorized access to 1 : * (62 ^ 4).

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